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Journey Unspoken

Trusting God is a lifelong journey. When life knocks you down, get back up.

Welcome to Journey Unspoken!  

Our mission is to help christians who are suffering with pain, struggles and addictions find comfort and hope in the promises of Jesus. Their is a misconception that if you are a christian, church leader or a pastor that you are free from any major struggles. Due to this distorted misconception most are forced to struggle in silence often putting a mask of morality. Others are led to leave the church due to church hurt and hypocrisy. The Journey unspoken team are members of the Seventh-Day Adventist church and we  believe whole heartedly in the message God has given us but we have seen time and time again traditions replace the plain teachings of scripture and many suffer due to the lack of godly love. The church is full of real christians with real problems and we hope that this ministry will allow those struggling in silence to be able to find Christ's healing and hope from the content that will be shared. 

Image by Alicia Quan

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